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    Wicked Music and Wicked Artists

    By admin, 2017-10-09
    Wicked Music and Wicked Artists

    I've spend sometime going over the design of this site and it seems that I have missed a few more pieces. One thing for certain is the blog post. As I will be the first to say that writing a blog isn't exactly my cup of tea but here we go:

    My goal for this site is really what I'm going to go over in the particular post. As the administrator I wanted a place where independent music artists and fans could share information and ideas.  I myself have spend a vast amount of time promoting my music on various sites and get lost in the circus of different features and different content. Sites promise to get you exposure but I found the only was to get exposure is to self promote A LOT.

    Wicked Music will be the center of my personal music promotion and the work area for which I will continue to promote my music. I'm delivering to you everything to a site that I myself would expect. Wicked Music will be a work in progress and like every good song I create it can always be worked with better precision.  

    Good luck in your artistic journeys!


    David AKA B A M LXIX

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